Holiday Project – The Nutcracker

THE NUTCRACKER – A Christmas Tradition, the Nutcracker ballet has long since been a festive tradition in cities all over the world. Children and adults alike look forward to attending a performance of this delightful ballet; often as a yearly Christmas tradition. The Nutcracker was used as the inspiration for our lesson. We used of shapes, symmetry and color to compose our project.

Materials: This project can be done with oil pastel, chalk pastel, pencil or watercolor.

Step #1: Draw light guidelines across the middle and down the center. Draw a border around the edge of your paper. Draw a rectangle near center of the page as shown below for the body.

Step #2: Draw a rectangle for the head and another rectangle for his hat. Draw eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, mustache and beard.

Step #3: Draw his hair and his hat. Draw half circle for the shoulders, rectangles for the arms and circle for hands.

Step #4: Draw rectangles for the legs, add the boots.

Step #5: Draw in the details of the Nutcrackers jacket, boots, hands, hat and more. Choose your colors and materials to finish your project.

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