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  • We’re Thankful for you! Create a Picasso Turkey Art Project – Step-by-Step Guide

    Enjoy these step by step directions to create a Picasso-inspired Turkey.

  • Britt Maki’s gallery artwork encourages us to slow down, find beauty in everything, and celebrate the connection between science and art.

    Step into a world where time slows and nature’s beauty emerges through Britt Maki’s oil paintings. “Don’t Be Hasty” invites you to explore Minnesota’s forests, wildlife, and the intricate details often overlooked.

  • Looking to Turn your Love of Art into a Profitable Business? Here’s how to Start.

    If you’re like me, you’ve dreamed of making a living from your art since you were a child, but turning that dream into reality is quite possibly one of the bumpiest roads I’ve traveled. There is a lot of uncertainty and mysticism when it comes to a creative career. There is no guarantee that it will work as you hope, or even work at all, but that comes with every career path. Planning a career in the arts is a courageous pursuit, but I’m here to help demystify the process and help you strategically move toward your dream. 

  • Introducing the People’s Choice Award Winners. Discover the ‘Homes’ that Inspired Their Artwork.

    ‘Home is Where Your Heart Is’ gallery show hosted captivating artwork that evokes the essence of home and the emotions it holds for each of us. Our gallery audience voted for the artwork and representation of ‘Home’ that most resonated with them. Here are the people’s choice award winners, and their inspiring stories of what… Read More

  • Artist Juanita Tatum reveals how she discovered her voice and found freedom in creating.

    Like many artists, Juanita’s art journey was not a straight line. It was a journey of trying various artforms to discover what resonated most with her. Each endeavor brought her closer to her unique and authentic art style. 

  • Discover the Healing Potential of Process Art: A Captivating Interview with Krista Zeiter.

    Welcome to this inspiring interview with Krista Zeiter, a Teaching Artist at Rumriver Art Center and art therapist. For Krista, art has always been more than just a means of creating a final product. It has been a transformative avenue to process experiences and nurture her identify.

  • Introducing Elizabeth Coleman, whose work is a beautiful tapestry of unique mediums.

    Artist Elizabeth Coleman has discovered captivating ways to blend ceramics and glass. A deeper look within her artwork reveals fascinating stories, symbolism and challenges to social norms.

  • Creative Ideas to Start your own Unique Art Journal

    “My favorite way to keep drawing is through my art journal. I bring it everywhere, so if something catches my attention I can do a quick sketch or sit down and take my time.” Larry Weinberg

  • Meet Chris Singewald, The Creative Force Behind Ceramics at Rumriver Art Center

    We’re excited to highlight Rumriver Art Center Ceramics Director: Chris Singewald, who stepped into this role in January, 2023. Chris blends his unique innovation, expertise and warm and friendly personality to create an epic ceramics environment.

  • Create your own unique Mindful Mandala; beautiful artwork that can calm your mind.

    Creating Mandalas can be a calming practice as your mind seems to silence as you are creating the colorful circles and then the patterns for your choosing.