Homeschool Classes

Rumriver Art Center is a small, non-profit organization. For all of our classes we have a minimum number of 5 students that we need to register for a class in order for it to run. Please don’t wait to register. We make the decision to run or cancel classes usually a week before the classes are scheduled to begin. Thank you!

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The next session of Homeschool/Afterschool classes begin the week of September 14. Most of the classes can be taken either virtually via Zoom or in-person.

There are many classes to choose from: Artist Sketchbook/Drawing; Watercolor Painting; Sculpture, Paper Mache & More; Acrylic Painting; Art History & Exploration; Polymer Clay; Wheel Throwing; and Drawing Outside the Lines. All the classes meet once a week for 6 weeks. Register today!

Fall 2020 Class Schedule

Mondays 9/14 – 10/19
10am to 11:30am Artist Sketchbook/Drawing (in-person or virtual)
1pm – 2:30pm Watercolor (in-person or virtual)
Tuesdays 9/15 – 10/20
10am to 11:30am Sculpture/PaperMache/More (in-person only)
1pm – 3pm Acrylic Painting (in-person or virtual)
Wednesdays 9/16 – 10/21
10am – 11:30am Art History & Exploration (in-person or virtual)
1pm – 3pm Polymer Clay (in-person or virtual)
Thursdays 9/17- 10/22
9:30am – 11:30am Wheel Throwing Pottery (in-person only)
1pm – 2:30pm Drawing Outside the Lines (in-person only)
6pm – 7:30pm Artist Sketchbook/Drawing (in-person or virtual)

We also offer art enrichment classes at various Homeschool Co-Ops. If you are interested in joining a co-op, please use the contact information below.

Constance Co-op
Contact: Amy Grover

Elk River Co-op
Contact: Neomi Hieges

TAG Co-op
Contact: Mandy Tschida

Contact: Nic Rosenau

River Homeschool Co-op
Contact Neomi Hieges