From the moment you enter the turn of the century brick building covered with murals created by local artists, you immediately sense the quirkiness and creative vibe of the Rumriver art center. The muraled hallway created by teens leads you into the main art gallery and via twists and turns takes you into into the library café, filled with books to loan, another turn leads you into our ceramics area with a kiln room, glazing room, and wheel studio another turn and you enter our small but bright south studio overlooking the scenic Rumriver. Go the opposite direction and a small staircase takes you to our community space which contains our secondary gallery and 3 small private studios for artists plus a quiet room. Take the stairs back down and thru the hallways to our largest north studio. Here you find 4 private studios along with a huge space for classes, workshops and collaboration. This area also houses a large supply of art materials and artwork for inspiration. The breadth of supplies available is overwhelming and joyous to those who have never had these available for use. The Executive directors office is right in the eye of the center with a open door policy for all. Imagination becomes reality at the Rumriver Art Center.

The goal of Rumriver Art Center is to be a catalyst for artistic literacy and excellence through our collaborations and partnerships in areas void of artistic opportunities. Our aim is to recognize the individual potential of students and artists and explore through multiple art mediums their creativity, talents, passions, and spirit while igniting prospects for innovative and affordable artistic expression.

The Rumriver Art Center is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Organization Tax ID 45-5548481. 

Susan Yee & Larry Weinberg Discuss the Art Center

Founders and Directors Susan Yee And Larry Weinberg talk about whats happening at the Rumriver Art Center during the COVID-19 virus pandemic on QCTV. CLICK HERE to check it out!

Mission statement

The mission of Rumriver Art Center (RRAC) is to make a difference through art by being a welcoming and inspiring environment for artists of all ages to explore their creative potential through our classes, collaborations, and partnerships in the North Metro.


The art center began in 2009 as a small 500 square foot studio and has expanded to over 5,000 square feet with the addition of an art cafe and library, a ceramic studio, a larger multi-purpose studio, and four private artist studios in a historic creamery along the Rum River. We opened a community art gallery in the fall of 2018 for local artists to showcase their work and have been organizing a community art fair in Ramsey each summer since 2016. We reach over 10,000 students annually of different ages, ethnicity’s, abilities, and economic backgrounds offering the opportunity to grow artistically and creatively while building confidence and social skills. The art center offers programs for public and private educational institutions, summer art camps for youth, art courses for homeschool families, and a vitality arts program for adult ages 55+. We also offer a variety of community programs, Free Family Art Days, and a senior outreach program. Our board of directors consists of North Metro business leaders, community leaders, local politicians, and working artists who support our mission to bring art to our community.

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