Scout Badges

The Rumriver Art Center has been the place that scouts come to get their badges for years. We offer workshops to complete all sorts of Scout Art Badges in drawing, painting, sculpture, comic artist and more! Workshops are 90 minutes long and must be scheduled 4 weeks in advance.

Cost for most art badges: $5/person
Cost for acrylic painting on canvas: $15/person
Cost for polymer clay: $10/person
Cost for hand-built pottery: $15/person
Minimum class size: 8 participants
Maximum class size: 30 participants

The minimum balance for 8 participants is required at the time of booking no matter how many students end up showing up. At the day of the class, if there are more than 8 participants, the fee will be adjusted for the additional individuals.

Reservations must be made 4 weeks in advance. To book your scout badge class please e-mail

Do you have scouts 10 and older who want to try a pottery wheel class? E-mail for more information!