Art Journal #106 – 2012 Season Planner Spread

At the beginning of each year I like to welcome the New Year with a seasonal planner spread in my journal. Its  a fun project looking at 2012 and drawing our favorite items for each season.

Materials: Art Journal, Sketching pencil, Sharpie, and your choice of pencils, markers, watercolors and more.

Step #1: Open your journal to two empty pages. Draw a line down the center of each page. Now add some more lines that come across as shown below.

Step #2: Draw the year 2012 somewhere on the page. Then add Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall onto the spread.

Step #3: Draw your favorite items for each of the seasons listed. The items do not have to stay in just one box. Choose your materials to finish the spread and let your creativity go.

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