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  • Getting Started Exercise #106 – Facing the Blank Page

    The big problem in getting started on a blank page is where to start or what to draw. It can be such a problem that we put down the pencil and do something else. For my teen art journal class we tried an exercise to break through the blank page. This exercise works for your… Read More

  • Art Journal #106 – 2012 Season Planner Spread

    At the beginning of each year I like to welcome the New Year with a seasonal planner spread in my journal. Its  a fun project looking at 2012 and drawing our favorite items for each season. Materials: Art Journal, Sketching pencil, Sharpie, and your choice of pencils, markers, watercolors and more. Step #1: Open your… Read More

  • Art Journal #105: Grid Drawing

    One of the exercises I like to do in my journal is a grid drawing. I start by coming up with a theme for the grid, in the example I used birds. Choose any theme you like. We want to see how the subject changes from first box in the grid to the last box… Read More

  • Art Journal #104 – Journal Two Page Spread

    One of my favorite art projects is doing a two page spread, it frees students from having to keep their ideas on just one page. To get them started I like to use a landscape artist, for this project we will use Vincent Van Gogh 1888 painting “The Sower”. Step #1: Open journal to two… Read More

  • Art Journal #103 – Journal Planner

    A project  I like to start my art journal sessions with is the “journal planner”. This projects helps students see the six weeks in a visual form using six pages of the art journal. Step 1; Open the journal up so there is two pages in front of you. Draw a vertical line down the… Read More

  • Art Journal #102 – Selecting An Art Journal And Personalizing the Cover

    My favorite way to keep drawing is through my art journal. I bring it everywhere, so if something catches my attention I can do a quick sketch or sit down and take my time. Choosing the right art journal is important, you want a journal that is small enough to go anywhere and big enough… Read More