Getting Started Exercise #106 – Facing the Blank Page

Open Sketchbook

The big problem in getting started on a blank page is where to start or what to draw. It can be such a problem that we put down the pencil and do something else. For my teen art journal class we tried an exercise to break through the blank page. This exercise works for your art journal or your drawing paper.

Step #1: Draw a simple design on the corner or around the edges of the paper. You want a design that you can easily repeat several times.

Step #2: Repeat the design on 3 to 5  pages.

Step #3: If the process has not given the inspiration for your work, take the first page and start adding color or more design elements. Don’t give up, just keep drawing.

This process of drawing will help get your work started. Many times I will simply make a frame around my paper to get the process going. Now lets start drawing, be creative and have some fun.

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