Tag: Getting Started

  • Getting Started: Three Letter Word

    We all have days where its difficult to get started drawing, so i have a number of exercises to get the pencil moving. A exercise I used with my teen art journal class was the three letter word. I have the students list a bunch of three letter words that have some action to them…. Read More

  • Getting Started Exercise #106 – Facing the Blank Page

    The big problem in getting started on a blank page is where to start or what to draw. It can be such a problem that we put down the pencil and do something else. For my teen art journal class we tried an exercise to break through the blank page. This exercise works for your… Read More

  • Artist Bernard Hoyes “In the Spirit”

    With February being Black history month, I wanted to feature a project inspired by Bernard Hoyes. Jamaican-born artist Bernard Hoyes is a Caribbean national who has served his country well. Now residing in California, Hoyes is among the most widely collected and exhibited of contemporary artists. Through his art, many have been able to connect… Read More

  • Picasso Bull

    Kids love to draw animals and Pablo Picasso being a kid at heart gives us our inspiration for today’s lesson. He was one of the most famous and prolific artists ever. Picasso had tremendous diversity and abundance to his career. He loved using animals and birds as his inspiration. The bull was one of his… Read More

  • Animal Project: Wysocki “Sugarplum”

    One of my favorite artists for animal projects is Charles Wysocki. Wysocki (1928 – 2002) who was born in Detroit Michigan. From the time he was little, he always wanted to be an artist. He loved using cats and other animals in his whimsical paintings and prints. You may not have heard of Charles Wysocki,… Read More

  • Animal Project: Miniature Dachshunds

    Its been dog week here at the Rumriver Art Center, we have been inspired by dog artist George Rodrigue. The favorite dog has been the miniature dachshund with long body, head and short legs. Materials: heavyweight paper, sketching pencil, sharpie and your choice of materials to finish. Step #1: Draw light guidelines acroos the center… Read More

  • Animal Project: King Cobra

    The King Cobra can inject huge amounts of poison in a single bite, enough to kill a large elephant. The king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake, with a length up to 5.6 m (18.5 ft). This species is found predominantly in forests from India through Southeast Asia to the Philippines and Indonesia. In this… Read More

  • Animal Drawing: Roadrunner

    The legendary Roadrunner is famous for its distinctive appearance, its ability to eat rattlesnakes and its preference for scooting across the American deserts. The Roadrunner is a large, black-and-white, mottled ground bird with a distinctive head crest. It has strong feet, a long, white-tipped tail and an oversized bill. When the Roadrunner senses danger or… Read More

  • King Tut Mask

    Tutankhamun (1341 BC – 1323 BC) was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty (ruled 1333 BC – 1324 BC. Tutankhamun was nine years old when he became pharaoh and reigned for approximately ten years. In historical terms, Tutankhamun’s significance stems from his rejection of the radical religious innovations introduced by his predecessor Akhenaten and… Read More

  • Animal Drawing: Killer Whale Orca

    The killer whale, commonly referred to as the orca is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family. Killer whales are found in all oceans, from the frigid Arctic and Antarctic regions to tropical seas. Killer whales are highly social; some populations are composed of matrilineal family groups which are the most stable of… Read More