Animal Project: Wysocki “Sugarplum”

One of my favorite artists for animal projects is Charles Wysocki. Wysocki (1928 – 2002) who was born in Detroit Michigan. From the time he was little, he always wanted to be an artist. He loved using cats and other animals in his whimsical paintings and prints. You may not have heard of Charles Wysocki, but you have probably seen his work. His animals  has been featured calendars for the past 30 years. Wysocki is known for his primitive folk art style. In our lesson we use Wysocki 1979 painting “Sugarplum” as our inspiration. We focus on the dog and her relationship to her house. Click here for information on Wysocki calendars.

Materials, heavyweight sketching paper, sketching pencil,watercolor pencils and pastel chalk.

 Step #1: Draw light guidelines across the center and down the middle. Draw a circle for head, add the eyes, snout, mouth and ears.

Step #2: Draw an oval for the body. Then draw the front legs coming off the head and now draw the rear legs as shown below;

Step #3: Draw tail and add marking and details to your dog. Wysocki had a whimsical collar on Sugarplum.

Step #4: Draw the awesome dog house. The doh house is made up of primarily vertical and horizontal lines, you just need a six angled lines for the roof. Add your own details and be creative.


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