Art Journal #102 – Selecting An Art Journal And Personalizing the Cover

My favorite way to keep drawing is through my art journal. I bring it everywhere, so if something catches my attention I can do a quick sketch or sit down and take my time. Choosing the right art journal is important, you want a journal that is small enough to go anywhere and big enough to express your creativity. The one I love is the Canson Sketch Universal – 100page microperforated with a spiral spine.
Size: 5.5 X 8.5″ (13.9×21.6cm)
Paper: 65lb (96g) – You need at least 60lb paper.

Personalize your art journal cover.
Step #1: Coat the cover with a gesso, use 2 to 3 layers of thin gesso to prepare the cover. Let the gesso dry.
Step #2: Design your cover in pencil.
Step #3: Use your choice of permanent art markers (not crayola or any washable markers) watercolor pencils, oil pastels, acrylic paint ect.
Step #4: Let dry and use a Gloss medium varnish (I use liquitex). Coat the cover with a thin layer of the varnish and let dry. The varnish will dry in just a few minutes and will protect your journal, its a permanent finish.
Step #5: Attach your favorite mechanical pencil to the wire spine and write the date on the inside cover.

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