Animal Drawing: Goldfish Project

There are over 100 different kinds of goldfish. They can live up to 25 years and have a memory of 3 seconds. In our goldfish drawing we used the oval shape, repeating lines and patterns to show texture. The scallops and curved parallel lines suggest the texture of skin and scales. The plants in the background form a vertical force that keeps the goldfish on the page and breaks the oval shapes of the fish. Their curviness suggest motion in the water.

Step #1: Draw light guidelines across the middle and down the center. Draw a circle for the head and a oval for the body as shown below.

Step #2: Draw eyes, and mouth. Notice that one eye is at the very right edge of the circle, while the other is in the middle.

Step #3: Draw fins and the goldfish tail.

Step #4: Draw the fish details by using a “c” texture for the fish scales. Add lines for the veins of the fins.

Step #5: Draw seaweed and plants or rocks in the water. Add your own detail and have fun being creative.

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