The Rumriver Art Center along with community partners has established a scholarship program for those who can not afford to pay for classes. Our goal is to make art classes available to everyone, no matter what their situation may be.

Does your family have a financial hardship that prevents you from attending an art class at Rumriver Art Center? Fill out our scholarship application prior to registration!
*Partial scholarships are available for classes only. We are not able to provide scholarships for materials/art kits.

Please note our scholarship guidelines as set by the Rumriver Art Center Board of Directors

After carefully reviewing current obstacles and considering our mission statement, the board has come up with the following structure to use as a guide for granting partial scholarships:
* $1,000 will be allotted for scholarships per quarter: Q1 (January – March), Q2 (April – June), Q3 (July – September), Q4 (October – December)
* Any money amount left over from the previous quarter will roll over to the next quarter for that year
* 1 scholarship per person per quarter may be awarded