Artist: Paul Klee – Fish People

One of my favorite artist is Paul Klee was a Swiss artist and teacher from the early 1900’s who liked to turn things he saw into simple geometric shapes. His “Fish People” is a classic example of his philosophy. Paul Klee was one of the great colorists in the history of painting. Klee grew up in a musical family and was himself a violinist. After much hesitation he chose to study art, not music, and he attended the Munich Academy in 1900. Klee loved to use continuous lines in his work. Our lesson experiments with both geometric shapes and color. We use Watercolor crayons, pencils and sharpies to create dimension and texture.

Step #1: Make a border or frame on paper

Step #2: Draw a large fish with two eyes and its skeleton on the bottom of the page.
Step #3: Start with the first face on the left hand side, use a “J” shape for head, rectangle for the nose and a fish as part of the mouth.

Step #4: The center head you start with eyes, rectangle for the nose with a line creating a profile from nose to chin. Make a fish as part of the mouth. Then and a second profile with hair.

Step #5: The third head is a rectangle, start with the eyes add a triangle and a rectangular nose. Do not forget the fish for the mouth,
Step #6: Add your bubbles and your own details.

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