Animal Drawing: Turkey

This time of year I am always looking for fun drawings drawings for Thanksgiving, I found this wonderful turkey at Art Projects for Kids. This turkey drawing is a great starting point.

Step #1: I like to use watercolor paper for this project, it allows you to try a number of different mediums to create your turkey. Start out by using pencil and make a oval near the bottom of the page. Then make radial shape starting from half way up the oval and continuing to almost the top of the page.
Step #2: Add neck and head. Then add the feet.
Step #3: Now you need to add the details for the feathers.
Step #4: Finishing the turkey, use a sharpie or oil crayon to outline. Then use a combination of materials to bring the project to life (suggestion; use a combination of oil pastels, watercolor paint, watercolor pencils and a final wash of water down acrylic paint and gel medium).

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