• Unveiling Infinite Creativity: Introducing Kenya Letourneau

    My artistic style is unique and varied, with inspiration coming from everything around me. Whether it’s my children, food, nature, or other people, my work is a reflection of my imaginative spirit. I like to think outside the box, and my pieces often blur the lines between different artistic styles, ranging from realistic impressionism to… Read More

  • Express the magic of Wildlife Through Art. Here’s Your Free Audubon Owl Drawing Video Tutorial

    If you’ve experienced the rare encounter with an owl in real life, it was likely a vivid and special moment. We’re offering you the opportunity to capture the magnificent owl in your own unique drawing. You’ll be led step-by-step to create an owl inspired by the artwork of John James Audubon. Audubon was a renowned… Read More

  • Introducing Rumriver Art Center’s Board of Directors. Would you be a great fit for the board? Find out below.

    What image comes to mind when you envision a ‘Board of Directors.’  I asked a few people what they thought and here’s what I heard (paraphrased by me): The next one made me chuckle: If you also have a preconceived idea of a ‘Board Member,’ read on. You may be surprised that diversity in age,… Read More

  • The Stories Behind the Photographs, with Glenn Allenspach

    I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Glenn Allenspach, and view his gallery exhibit in the Jan Johansen Gallery at Rumriver Art Center. His stunning photos capture your attention and imagination. Learning the background stories adds even more interesting depth to his artwork. We invited you to catch the interview below, as Glenn highlights several… Read More

  • The Story and Inspiration Behind our People’s Choice Winner’s Artwork.

    Rumriver Art Center’s recent gallery exhibit, ‘The Art of a Face’ featured artists unique and creative interpretations of a face. Gallery attendees were invited to vote for a piece of art in the show that most inspired them. Here’s the results, as well as the fascinating stories behind the artists and their artwork. Congratulations to… Read More

  • The Journey, by Montana Becker

    Learn more about Montana’s art journey. From her creative inspiring childhood, to turning to art as a powerful outlet.

  • Craving Vibrant Spring Colors? A Guide to Create your Unique Version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

    An artist tutorial by Larry Weinberg

  • Val Coopet: Her art journey, detours and what propelled her watercolor painting career.

    Rumriver Art Center will feature Artist Val Coopet’s show: ‘Faces and Places,’ in the 21 Step Gallery. Show Open: Sat, March 4, 2pm-4pm. Her Artist Talk will be Sat, March 11, 11am-12;30pm.  Faces and Places will remain in the 21 Step Gallery through March 25, 2023 Rumriver Art Center is excited to welcome Val Coopet… Read More

  • Sustainable Wrapping: Video Workshop

    Learn the art of sustainable wrapping with Teaching Artist Makilyn Koep. Mak walks you step by step through the ‘Furoshiki’ method, which is a traditional Japanese cloth wrapping. You’ll also learn the reusable ‘Top Knot Bag.’ These methods are not only Earth-Friendly, but unique and beautiful! Mak also highlights embellishments from nature you can use…. Read More

  • Sanjukta Mitra: A closer look into her creative background, inspiring story and powerful artwork! 

    Sanjukta Mitra shares about her creative background, inspiring story and powerful artwork!