Tag: ceramics

  • Introducing Elizabeth Coleman, whose work is a beautiful tapestry of unique mediums.

    Artist Elizabeth Coleman has discovered captivating ways to blend ceramics and glass. A deeper look within her artwork reveals fascinating stories, symbolism and challenges to social norms.

  • Meet Chris Singewald, The Creative Force Behind Ceramics at Rumriver Art Center

    We’re excited to highlight Rumriver Art Center Ceramics Director: Chris Singewald, who stepped into this role in January, 2023. Chris blends his unique innovation, expertise and warm and friendly personality to create an epic ceramics environment.

  • The Stories Behind the Photographs, with Glenn Allenspach

    I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Glenn Allenspach, and view his gallery exhibit in the Jan Johansen Gallery at Rumriver Art Center. His stunning photos capture your attention and imagination. Learning the background stories adds even more interesting depth to his artwork. We invited you to catch the interview below, as Glenn highlights several… Read More