Picasso Rooster “Le Coq”

Picasso Rooster

I needed a animal drawing for one of our programs and I came across this fabulous Picasso Rooster from 1938. I fell in love with the line, shape and color of the this Picasso pastel. Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous and prolific artists ever. Picasso had tremendous diversity and abundance to his career. The Rooster is a work from 1938 when he was experimenting with color and line. Picasso had a great love for animals and birds, he even named his daughter Palamo which means dove in Spanish. We find several works where used chickens, roosters, sheep and goats. Picasso used line, color and shape to create emotion and movement in this work. Our lesson works with shapes, lines and color to create our rooster, we use combination of watercolor pencils with pastels.

Materials: Heavyweight paper, sketching pencil, water color pencils and pastels either chalk or oil.

Step #1: Draw guidelines across the center and down the middle of the paper. Start with a oval for the mouth and smaller oval for the eye. Then add another oval for the body as shown below.

Step #2; Draw the mouth and eye, then add the roosters comb and neck.

Step #3: Draw the Rooster’s waddle and head feathers, then add his legs and feet.

Step #4: Draw the wing and the Rooster’s tail.

Step #5: Its time to add some feathers and texture through the use of lines.

Step #6: Choose the mediums to bring your rooster to life. Have fun, be creative.

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  1. Sometimes life is so unfair and has a lot of challenges to take but it doesn't mean it is already the end of the world. We struggle and experienced those things for us to become strong, aware, and responsible of our actions. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.I hope that you can inspire more people.

  2. We all need challenges in our life to keep motivated. I really had a great time scanning
    and reading your blog site and i was so amazed with your great artwork. I do hope you could
    inspire more readers.

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