Artist Ron Burns Dog Portrait

Ron Burns Dog Portrait

Ron Burns is an Ohio native whose professional life started in Los Angeles where he founded the graphic design company, Ron Burns Design. Burns is advocate for animal shelters and donates to many animal causes. Ron is known for his colorful dog portraits. Ron begins each portrait with the eyes. “Their eyes hold nothing back, whether it’s love or fear, heartbreak or admiration. Every portrait begins with the eyes, they have to because from there all the life and personality radiates outward,” he says. In our lesson we are inspired by Ron’s painting “Frenchy”. We focus color and space.

Materials: sketching pencils, and oil pastels

Step #1: Draw guidelines across the middle and down the center of the page. Draw a large oval for the dogs head near the center of the page.

 Step #2: Draw the dogs eyes, snout and ears (note that the ears should come off the page or near the edge).

Step #3: Draw the muzzle and mouth around the nose as shown below.

Step #4: Draw the chin and the body.

Step #5: Its time to add the detail to your dog, French bulldogs have wrinkles, extra chins and large jowls. Add your own special touches, have fun and be creative.

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