Artist: Modigliani “Bride and Groom”

Amedeo Modigliani  (1884 – 1920) was a late-18th century European artist who never lived to see his success, but his paintings are some of my all-time favorites. He settled in Paris in 1906 and was friends with Picasso, Brancusi and Soutine. I love his portraits with elongated faces in soulful colors. Modigliani drew his faces in stretched proportions as his eyes usually sit near the top of the face. Our project of the “Bride and Groom” 1915, works with facial proportions, color, shapes and space to create our elongated portrait.

Materials: Heavyweight paper, Sketching pencil, sharpie and colored pencils, pastel chalk or oil pastels to finish.
Step #1: Draw light guidelines across the middle and down the center of the page. Draw a “U” shape for the mans head and a large narrow oval for the woman’s head as shown below.

Step #2: Draw the eyes, nose mouth and ears of the man and woman. Draw the man with a mustache and the woman with a earring.

Step #3: Draw Man with a tuxedo . Draw the woman with elongated neck.

Step #4: Draw a window above the woman’s head and add your own details. Have fun and get creative.

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