Wyrm Dragon Drawing

The Rumriver Art Center is having a Dragon drawing workshop on Friday December 30th from 9:30am to 12:30pm. The Wyrm dragon will be one of the many we will be drawing. Wyrms resemble gigantic serpents, crawling on their bellies without legs or wings. Their lack of limbs should not lead to underestimation, as their snapping jaws and powerful tails are more than adequate to dispatch all but the strongest. Wyrms are of European origin. Found mainly in England and the Northern territories. Have a layer of hard, protective scales. Wyrms like to live in watery depths. They also like to coil around things, like hills.

Step #1: Draw a circle for the head. Draw a small circle for the eye, with triangles next to it as shown below.

Step #2: Draw a oval off the right side of the head, attach a line in the shape of a backward “J” for the body.

Step #3: Draw the dragons tail as shown below.

Step #4: Finish the dragons head by drawing lines off circle. Draw a side way “C” shape and add teeth as shown below. Draw horns on the head.

Step #5: Finish the body and tail and add your details to wrym. Be creative and have some fun.

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