Animal Drawing: Holiday Amigos

Sorry we did not post any projects over past few days, we were in Pasadena visiting our daughter. Today we are going to a fun animal project called Holiday Amigos.

Materials: Heavyweight drawing paper, sketching pencil, sharpie, watercolor pencils and/or chalk pastels.

Step #1: Draw light guidelines across the center and down the middle. Draw a large oval for polar bear head. Draw eyes, snout and ears.

Step #2: Draw the polar bear body by adding a line from the ear.

Step #3: Draw the bird with a circle for the head and a oval for the body. Add the eye and the beak to head. Draw wing and tail feathers. Draw talons on the polar bear paw.

Step #4: Draw snow on the ground and your own details (falling snow can be added with white-out)
Check out some our students work below.

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