Animal Drawing: Toucan

One kids favorite subjects to draw is birds and who does not love the toucan. Toucans are members of the family Ramphastidae of near passerine birds from the Neotropics. The family is most closely related to the American barbets. They are brightly marked and have large, often colorful bills. The name of this bird group is derived from the Tupi word tukana, via Portuguese.

Materials: heavyweight drawing paper, sketching pencil, sharpie, and finish with watercolor pencils, chalk or choice of mediums.

Step #1: Draw guidelines across the center and down the middle of the paper. Draw a circle for the head and a larger oval for the body.

Step #2: Draw a circle for the eye. Draw a rectangle to start the beak. Draw the large beak/bill with three lines.
Step #3: Draw in your details and marking for the head. Draw a oval for the marking of the body.
Step #4: Draw a branch for the toucan to perch on.

Step #5: Draw tail feathers below the branch, notice the red inside feathers of the tail.
Step #6: Draw talons coming over branch, the toucan uses the talons more balance than to grip the branch.

Step #7: Time to create your jungle and finish your toucan with your choice of mediums.

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