Holiday Tree Landscape

A perfect project for this time of year is abstract holiday tree landscapes.
Materials; 140lb watercolor paper, oil pastels, acrylic paint wash, gel medium, tissue paper and white-out are optional
How to make Acrylic Paint Wash;
Use 2 parts water to one part Acrylic paint
Mix in gel medium gloss

Step #1: Draw a wavy line about 1/4 from the bottom of page with oil pastel crayon.

Step #2: Draw three trees using a triangle shape for the top of tree
Step #3: Add your choice of color to the trees ground and sky.

Step #4: Use a large brush and add the Acrylic paint wash over the oil pastel

Step #5: Optional; Cut triangles out of tissue paper and use the acrylic was to adhere them to trees

Step #6: Optional: Use white-out to add snowflake effect








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