Getting Started Exercise #105 – Observational Drawing

A exercise that helps me get started drawing is a continuous line observational drawing. One of the most famous continuous line artist is Paul Klee, he loved to do continuous line work of fish, birds, people and cats. For this exercise i am inspired by Paul Klee and use a wooden cat for my drawing.

Step #1: I like to set the object about 6 inches to a foot away from the paper. Keep your eyes on the object and do not look at your paper.
Step # 2: Slowly follow the shape of the object with your eyes. Imagine you’re a little bug crawling around on the surface.

Step #3: Now this time you are going to move your pencil with your eyes. In other words you are going to draw where you’re eye is following. Don’t pick your pencil up off the paper, this becomes a continuous line drawing. Wildlife artist practice this exercise daily.
Step #4: Now lets try it again, with same object. Sometimes I will stop and reposition my pencil and start again.

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