Introducing Danniella Mortezaee, whose ‘Love Always’ collection is featured in our 21 Step Gallery, Feb. 4 –  Feb. 25, 2023.

For many people, learning a new skill activates: ‘Imposter Syndrome,’ where you question your ability.  Artist Danniella’s shares her early art apprehension:

“I honestly never thought of myself as a creative person and I greatly admired those with the talent. My mom was a naturally inclined artist, she had that borne ability to pick up a pencil and sketch, sewing, and a beautiful singing voice to name a few creative talents.” 

Fortunately, Danniella didn’t allow skepticism of her ability to stop her. 

“When I turned 30 I decided it was time to give it a try and invested in everything Dick Blick had to offer. I was curious about acrylic paints. Painting was something I started to do as a form of therapy and self expression, but I never shared my art with others.”  

Sharing your artwork publicly can be intimidating at first! Finding other artists and support is imperative. Psst – Rumriver Art Center is a great place to find this support and offers multiple Group Calls for Entry throughout the year. 

“I found myself blessed with a great support system who encouraged me to get my art out there. Tanya Piatz-Sandberg, an amazing local artist, sent me the call for art for one of Rumriver’s exhibitions. It was the first time I ever submitted my art to anything and it was accepted.” 

“Rumriver made me feel understood and accepted and will always hold a special place in my heart.” 

Often, artists are critical of their own work and benefit from the encouragement of others.

“My father has always been my biggest supporter. He used to check the trash whenever he left my house to see if I had thrown anything out.”

“My incredible friends Ali Yager and Tanya Piatz-Sandberg have been inspirational forces in my life and in art. They have amazing talent and have been doing this for decades longer than I have, and I feel so fortunate to have their expertise. I can always count on them to help me push the envelope as well as offer feedback on my direction and vision.”

Knowing your ‘why’ or having a key motivator can propel artists through ‘creative standstills.’ I asked Danniella what motivates her?

“Discovering new breakthroughs within my process and challenging my boundaries… knowing that I could leave a piece “as is” but I am looking to push past good enough and get to a truly excellent creation.”

How do you hope your art or life as an artist impacts this world?

“I make work that meets the viewer where they are. I prefer to let people experience my art through their lens and come to their own conclusions on the meaning of the work.”

Daniella’s parting message: 

“If you feel a calling to create, do it! There’s no wrong way when it comes to creative self expression.”

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