Chad Niemeyer: An Exploration of the Temporary Permanence of Us

Rumriver Art Center Features: 

Chad Niemeyer

An Exploration of the Temporary Permanence of Us

in the Jan Johansen Gallery From January 7 to February 25  

Chad’s Artist Statement:

“Although themes sometimes emerge, I approach my work deliberately without a theme in mind, choosing instead to capture reality in all its disarray – mundane, beautiful, elegant, jarring, and sometimes all of these at once. I am fascinated by the multitude of images that pass us by in our daily lives, images that are, if captured and held up for a moment of our attention, suddenly revealed as something extraordinary.”

Two Experiences that propelled Chad’s Art Journey:

“I have been interested in art since childhood. Two moments stand out as important milestones. 

  1. When I was very young, we were staying with my grandparents. My grandfather was suffering from cancer. To keep me quiet and occupied I was given scrap paper and a pencil. I drew barbarians fighting dragons and learned how to lose myself in the art.
  1. I won a high school photo contest. That early success helped me believe I had something unique to offer. I could show people things in a way they had not noticed.”

Chad Pursues Art Professionally

“I earned an associate degree in Computer Graphics (1987-1989) And a BFA at Kendall College of art and Design where my major was Visual Communication / Graphic Design (1989-1991)

I enjoy drawing, pottery, and photography. The work I am sharing in the gallery has its roots in photography and is allowed to grow and evolve with additional choices being made in the computer darkroom. 

The techniques should never obscure the art. Instead, the medium, style and colors need to enhance and clarify the work’s intent. New choices are made with every image. Some feel best in Black and White, some in color. Some images shine brightest in watercolor or acrylics. There are no limits if the choices support the message / artist intent.”

Join us at the Jan Johansen Gallery for:

Meet the Artist, Saturday, January 14th from 11-1

Artist Talk, Saturday, January 21st from 10-12

Check Out Chad’s Gallery Video Tour Here:

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