Creating A Watercolor Dragonfly with MaryLeah

Join MaryLeah Marshall as she shows you how to create a marvelous watercolor dragonfly. The materials you will need are 140lb cold press watercolor paper, watercolor round brush watercolor pans, tubes or liquid.

4 thoughts on “Creating A Watercolor Dragonfly with MaryLeah

  1. 82 year old beginner watercolor/pastel painter. Age almost 82…Buying lessons too expensive so use books to learn and cell phone stuff. Loving pics like this to practice learning with. I have 4 books on amazon/kindle and 3 that I am working on. On those pending, One a child mouse story, one a story about a mistreated yellow dog that finds love and family and one a book with mini short Christmas stories titled 21 days to Christmas. Need to get busy finishing them all. Wish I could illustrate like you for my stories. Not much profit in doing books like i did. I just dd a local card Size 12 page little book that is a love story of a grandpa raising his Down Syndrome grandson. It will fit in its own envelope. Hope to put a price in it and sell locally. Thanks for sharing your art. Obviously I am enjoying your work. Check out my name as author and read a free a writing titled COURAGE, about a cowboy and his wolfdog. Free in goggle search. Vickey Stamps of California, usa

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