Artist: George Rodrigue “Blue Dog”

George Rodrigue is a Cajun artist who grew up in New Iberia, Louisiana. He is known for his creation of the Blue Dog series of paintings, featuring a blue-hued dog, attributed to his deceased boyhood dog named Tiffany. The blue-hued, ghostly spaniel/terrier is often featured with a white nose and yellow eyes. In this lesson students get to color their dog in a multitude of unreal colors. We let the students use their imagination of where they want the Blue Dog to be.
Materials; Your choice of materials from acrylic painting, watercolor, oil pastel, to colored pencils.

Step #1: Lets start by making some guidelines down the center of paper and across the center of the paper. Now place a large oval just above where guidelines intersect in the middle of the page.

Step #2: We always like to start with the eyes for any animal or human. Draw a circle for the eye, now add extra lines that attach to the eye and the ones above and below the eye.

Step #3: Time to draw her snout, the snout starts above the eyes and goes below the circle of the head. Lets add her nose and mouth.
Step #5: Blue Dog has large triangle ears.

Step #6: Finish the details of the head by my making her furrier.
Step #7: We use a oval shape for the body, then add a tail and the legs,

Step #8: Use a Sharpie or black paint to outline the finish dog,

Step #9: Now its time for you to figure out where you want your Blue Dog; library, kitchen, watching TV, outside, the possibilities are endless. George Rodrigue has painted the Blue Dog in more than 500 different places.

Hafsa age 5

Madelyn – age 7

Ava – age 7

Ben – age 15

Allison – age 14

John – age 13

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