Tag: Owl

  • Artist Bateman – Saw-Whet Owl

    My students love drawing birds and their favorite is bird is owls. I recently used a Robert Bateman Owl painting as our inspiration. Bateman was always interested in art, but he never intended on making a living from it. He was fascinated by the natural world in his childhood; he recorded the sightings of all of… Read More

  • Artist: Picasso – Owl

    Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) was one of the most famous and prolific artists ever. Picasso had tremendous diversity and abundance to his career. The owl drawing is from 1949; the owl is a reoccurring theme in Picasso drawing, painting and sculpture. Picasso had a great love for birds with his favorite being owls and… Read More

  • Animal Drawing: Great Horned Owl

    One the favorite birds for students to draw is the owl, in this lesson we are inspired by wildlife artist Robert Bateman.  Great Horned Owl does not really have “horns” but tall tufts of feathers. When disturbed, the owl raises the tufts and sits very still so it can blend into the tree bark and… Read More