NEW Artwork Hanging at Allina

Rumriver Art Center has art on display at Allina’s Customer Experience Center in Coon Rapids, MN (8880 Evergreen Blvd, Coon Rapids, MN 55433). The current gallery show features the art of Chad Niemeyer. He has a variety of photographs on rice paper on display. Check out some of his work below!

This group of images depicts an ordinary fabled life. A life perceived through a visitor’s lens. The images are from the
Yunnan Provence in South West China and the village of Shangri-La in Tibet. Each photo encapsulates an essence or
emotion experienced along the way.
I’ve always been a visual narrator – a collector of shapes, images, objects and numerous mementos to tell my most
treasured stories. Photography became a natural evolution of this narration.

Although themes sometimes emerge, I approach my work deliberately without a theme in mind, choosing instead to
capture reality in all its disarray – mundane, beautiful, elegant, jarring and sometimes all of these at once. I am
fascinated by the multitude of images that pass us by in our daily lives, images that are, if captured and held up for a
moment of our attention, suddenly revealed as something extraordinary.

As a digital artist, I place myself outside the “purist” camp, instead embracing current technology to enhance my
vision through retouching and color correcting photographs. I find this to be an exciting part of the creative process,
and liken it to early darkroom technology and traditional “burning and dodging” manipulation.

I have taken classes, worked jobs, and thought about life, and currently reside on a five-acre farm with my wife, four
alpacas, a cat and a dog.


This collection is not for sale (NFS).

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