New Art Gallery Show at Allina

Delayne Hostetler’s artwork is now on display at Allina (8880 Evergreen Blvd, Coon Rapids, MN 55433). Be sure to check out the artwork located throughout the CEC in sections A and B and in the main corridor near the entrance and south breakroom. See images of her work below.

A Little Bit About Delayne: Delayne will happily tell you that she is a kooky self-taught artist from Anoka, Minnesota with a passion for drawing whimsical designs and raising Monarch butterflies, and has been doing both since her childhood in the 60s. She currently lives and works in an odd little house called ‘Tumbledown’ that’s pleasantly filled with art supplies. And dust bunnies. (And books. Lots and lots of books….)

But if pinched hard enough, she’ll eventually reveal that she’s been selling her work since 1986 and is a Master Artisan at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Originals and limited editions of her work can be found not only in the United States, but also as far away as Norway, Great Britain, and Japan.

Few things make her crabbier than being pinched and/or made to sound like a show-off. But few things make her happier than learning her work has made someone smile.

If she’s made YOU smile, please let her know by sending an email to her at her home planet:

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