Tom Pace

Tom Pace brings decades of diversified artistic experience to his teaching.   
Starting as a photojournalist and dark room technician at a small-town newspaper, Tom’s
strength is learning new skills on the fly, which led him to MSP Communications. For 18 years,
he delivered excellence for Mpls St Paul Magazine as a graphic camera technician through black
and white scanning and reproduction work, in addition to color scanning and color correction.
Throughout this journey, Tom has served as mentor and teacher to all interested in learning along the way.
Tom’s artistic passions swirl around informal fluidity in art. Capturing the moment in every
medium. Among many awards for photography, Tom treasures his 2 nd place award for poster art
at the Ventura, California County Fair. The poster was so loved, someone ran off with it!
With a degree in Graphic Communications, Tom currently teaches Watercolor, and Mixed Media
classes at the Rum River Art Center.