Angie Renee

I have been a teaching artist for 20+ years. After earning my degree in Art and Art History at the University of WI-River Falls in 1997, I became a studio artist at Northern Clay Center and began teaching for them in a variety of ways. I found my way to The Rumriver Art Center in 2013 and started teaching clay class and have developed many other classes like Drawing Outside the Lines and Printmaking. I am passionate about art history and have been teaching art history to different organizations for the last 6 years. As an artist I am constantly exploring new ideas and ways of creating, at the moment my current medium of choice is printmaking. I love the mystery of it all. I teach my students to be open to the process that shows up for them. I ask them to set aside the need to be perfect, as there is beauty in the process. I ask them to allow themselves to explore without expectation and that this is the greatest gift they can give to themselves as artists.