The Vitality Arts program is devoted to the transformative power of the arts and creativity, inspiring vitality in those over 55. Classes are geared and designed to improve the health, well-being, and renewed sense of purpose adults ages 55+, but any adult can register. 

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Vitality Arts: Art History & Exploration
Art History and Exploration will take a in depth look at a specific artist for each class. We will look at slides of their work and life. Students will have a chance work a small project inspired by the artist work.

Saturday, December 8, 10am - 11:30am (Hudson River Valley Artists)

Monday, December 17, 12pm - 1:30pm (Andrew Wyeth)

Tuesday, January 8, 12pm - 1:30pm (O'Keefe)

Monday, February 4, 12pm - 1:30pm (Marc Chagall)

Monday, March 4, 12pm - 1:30pm (Lee Krasner)

Monday, April 1, 12pm - 1:30pm (artist TBD)

Cost: $15 per class
Ages: Adults


Wondering if your projects from a previous clay class are ready? Check the Clay Firing and Pick Up page!

Vitality Arts Classes Currently in Session
Drawing: Mondays October 1 through November 26 (skip November 19), 9am to 12pm
Beginning Pottery Wheel: Tuesdays October 2 to November 27 (skip November 20), 1pm - 3pm
Acrylic Painting: Wednesdays October 3 to November 28 (skip November 21), 9:30am to 12pm

Vitality Arts: Drawing
The Drawing class is designed to both challenge and encourage participants through lessons that emphasize observation, practice and peer support. Instructors present creative exercises for students that train the hand to record what the eyes see. The drawing class will use pencil, charcoal, pastel and more to create their work.
Dates: Mondays January 14 through March 4
Time: 9am to 12pm
Cost: $105 (includes all Materials)
Instructor: Deb Kirkeeide

Vitality Arts: Watercolor Painting
When you fall in love with watercolor, you start a journey into a world of vibrant color, a liquid flow of magic that looks both effortless and complex. And if a loose and fluid style is what you crave, it seems like it would be so easy! It doesn't take long for most new painters to realize why watercolor has a reputation as "the hardest medium," and this can often feel like a reason to give up.
Six Watercolor Truths:
Watercolor can be mastered by anyone who loves it too much to quit.
You can love every stage of the journey.
You can paint the way you've always dreamed, and it will make your heart sing.
You don't have to be gifted, or even very creative, to learn to make beautiful paintings.
Spending time painting is a form of creative therapy that our souls crave.
Watercolor is worth it!
Dates: Mondays January 14 through March 4
Time: 1pm - 3:30pm
Cost: $115 (includes all Materials)
Instructor: Mary Leah Marshall

Vitality Arts: Mixed Media Printing
In this 8 week course, participants will explore, experiment, and play with a variety of art materials in a community setting. Participants will discover new ideas, build skills and confidence and reignite energy and involvement in art. The Mixed Media Printing class will get participants out of their comfort zone with several mediums and materials. This class is great for creativity and risk taking. Each class will build upon the next as new materials and ways to use them are introduced.
Dates: Tuesdays January 15 through March 5
Time: 9:30am to 12pm
Cost: $115 (includes all materials)
Instructor: Mary Leah Marshall

Vitality Arts: Acrylic Painting
Acrylic paint is a very forgiving medium. Through the eight week course students will learn the tools and techniques to be able to grow as artists. Students will learn the fundamentals of fine art painting on a variety of painting surfaces. Through thoughtful instruction the individual student will choose a comfortable style to express their inner artist. They will explore their creativity by creating thumbnail studies leading to completion of a larger studio painting. Each session will allow the individual to work at their own pace and develop the skills needed to have fun and continue to paint and connect with other artists. During each session students will set daily goals and discuss next steps to successful solutions. "Escape to another place, slow down and enjoy the journey!"
Dates: Wednesdays January 16 through March 6
Time: 9:30am to 12pm
Cost: $125 (includes all Materials)
Instructor: Paul T Boecher

Vitality Arts: Hand-Built Pottery
A perfect class for beginners as well as the more experienced! Clay is a wonderful material to create with as it allows many ways to express oneself. In this 8 week clay class the participants will learn the basic hand-building techniques with clay. Each week they will be introduced to a new technique to build on what they learned the week before, which will give them a variety of ways to create with clay. In each class the participants will create a clay creation as well as decorate it with under-glazes.
Dates: Tuesdays January 15 through March 5
Time: 1pm - 3:30pm
Cost: $135 (includes all Materials)
Instructor: Angie Renee