Facility/Studio Rental

The Rumriver Art Center is located in the Old Milk Factory in Anoka. The building was built in 1928 along the Rum River. The art center has several studios in the building with the main entrance at Suite 103. The various studios are availble for hourly or daily rental. Contact us for pricing and availability.

North Studio Suite 108 with the entrance on Pleasant Avenue. The North Studio has private artist studio rental space and is the venue for most of the classes and art events.

South Studio Suite 102 with entrance on 4th Avenue. The South Studio is used for several classes and open studio session.

Art Cafe/Main Entrance Suite 103 with the entrance on 4th Avenue. The Art Cafe is used as the main gallery and great spot to pick up a snack or cup of coffee or tea.

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North Studio

South Studio

Art Cafe

For rental information call 763.323.8830 or email info@rumriverart.com

Private Studios

We have 4 private studios in our North Studio.
1 private studio is currently available
Cost: $200/month - includes utilities, wifi, and 24 hour access